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Welcome to Spacecraft Apps, building a digital selection of multimedia on the history of the U.S. in space. Each app provides exclusive access to hours of rare footage and audio, presented in-depth through unique interfaces, all meticulously researched. From Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Space Shuttle and more, your iPad becomes your portal to space history.

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NOW AVAILABLE: Friendship 7

50 years ago John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth. Relive his three-orbit mission with exclusive access to over 4 hours of rare video, plus the complete audio from the onboard recorder and the flight director's loop recorded in mission control. Also included are the photos taken by Glenn during the mission, and an interactive detailed explanation of the spacecraft control panel. You'll experience the mission of Friendship 7 as never before. More Information

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NOW AVAILABLE: First Landing

Featuring a unique visualization of the first lunar landing of Apollo 11, this app allows you to experience the first landing as never before, showing you the 16mm film from the LMP window, synchronized with altitude, altitude rate, DSKY displays, selected indicators and the audio from air-to-ground, onboard and the flight director loop, with captions and comments. More Information.

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Coming Soon: Apollo 11

Packed with information and access to over 8 hours of video, including the restored and enhanced Moonwalk television, annotated landing, launch, complete TV transmissions and onboard film. Enables viewing of all of the photographs taken on the Moon, plus views of the landing site today. This comprehensive app lets you take the first lunar landing anywhere.

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